Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Quick-and-Dirty "Vote for Palin" Questionnaire

Still undecided on whether to vote for Sarah Palin?

Do not fret. These easy questions will help you decide. You must answer an emphatic "Yes" to all of the following...there are no "if's", "but's" or "maybe's"...:

Do YOU believe:

  • That the United Nations is responsible for our current financial snafu?
  • That Freedom is to be "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Death" penalty?
  • That Putin will rear his head in the airspace of Alaska?
  • That traveling abroad is un-patriotic?
  • That every Muslim is a terrorist?
  • That your IQ is less than Bullwinkle, a liberal, socialist elite from Wassamatta U.?
  • That you can use "You betcha", "Gosh darn", and "Joe six-pack" in a song?
  • That the capital of the United States should be Wasilla failing which Alaska should secede?
  • That you are a maverick?

Remember, a vote for Palin is a vote for Freedom -- from the pesky g's as in, cheerin', winnin' and moose-huntin'!

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