Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wahhabi Imams Excommunicate Jihadi John

  An Indian Roller exclusive by JIG

In a sternly-worded fatwa issued in Mecca earlier this week, seven Wahhabi Imams affiliated with the House of Saud excommunicated the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) operative known to the rest of the world as "Jihadi John". In recent months, the operative, Jihadi John, has been captured on video decapitating media correspondents and aid workers of American and British origins.

The fatwa, issued by the top echelon of Riyali Mullahs, claims that Jihadi John is an apostate because he has misconstrued the word, "beheading", owing to a spelling error in the prophet Muhammad's original teachings, the Hadith. According to the Hadith, the captors of infidels should engage in a proselytizing procedure, termed, "behealing." The Mullahs argue that Jihadi John should be converting their prisoners to Islam, forcibly or otherwise, for the "behealing", and not beheading them.

The spokesman for the House of Saud, the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia, has refused to comment on the fatwa. Mohammed ibn Tuglaq, a faculty member in the Department of Arabic Studies at the University of Riyadh, said that the royal family rarely "disagrees publicly with Riyali Mullahs" and is likely to support the fatwa." It also shows that Jihadi John does not understand the key nuances in Arabic words," said Tuglaq.

Wahhabism, an ultraconservative strain of Islam, originated in Saudi Arabia in the eighteenth century and continues to receive patronage from the ruling royal family of Saudi Arabia.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

MH370 Flight Disaster Exposes Secrets to PRAYER

An Indian Roller/ROCK Exclusive

A report released by the Malaysian military press office claims that a secret society, headquartered in the state of Malacca, holds the key to the search parameters of the missing Malaysian Airways Boeing 777 airliner on Flight MH370. This skull-and-dagger society, Place Responsibility and Accountability on Yahweh (PRAY), holds among its members, prominent members of the heads of states, including the President of the United States of America. The youth wing of the society, Place Responsibility and Accountability on Yahweh by Exhorting the Rabble, is known by its popular acronym, PRAYER.

“Every head of state has a lifetime membership to PRAY,” said a press corps officer of the Malaysian Military, choosing to remain anonymous, “and due to their lifetime membership, they are allowed to call upon PRAYER any time that they feel there is a natural or national disaster.” The officer added that this is the reason why most heads of states, when faced with no immediate solution to a catastrophe, always respond by invoking “hope and PRAYER” for those affected. This patent response automatically triggers the shifting of accountability for disasters to Yahweh, aka God.

But why put the accountability and responsibility on the Jewish God, Yahweh? Moshe Feldman of the Southern Tel Aviv Institute for Rabbinical Studies (STAIRS) argues that in the Judeo-Christian tradition, “Yahweh is the God of the Genesis...the proto-God.” Feldman argues that considering the Yahweh accountable for all worldly disasters is “not necessarily anti-semitic but an acknowledgement of the unequivocal power of the Jewish God."

Not everyone is convinced that PRAY or its sister unit, PRAYER, have had any effect on the history of disasters and catastrophes -- both natural or man-made. “I find it very strange that people, including the leaders of many countries, encourage each other to pray to the same omnipotent and omniscient sky-god figure that did nothing to prevent this accident or misadventure in the first place,” said Raphael Enode, a self-confessed skeptic referring to the MH 370 disappearance, “and a sky god that enacts events of such catastrophic proportions just to compel his hapless subjects to pray to him must be a sadistic psychopath and a megalomaniac.”