Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hands-free in California

July 1, 2008 in California is a watershed day. On this day, the law will require that all motorists use hand-free calling devices while making calls on their cell phones. Now, you know that Californians spend a significant amount of their lives in their cars and on their commutes. Being creative, they are bound to invent other activities to engage in while their hands are free from those menacing cell phones.

Here are a couple of possibilities...

e-bay Watch

Donuts & Cuppa Joe

Lip Gloss Retouch


Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's Boney M. Got to Do with Obama? the Indian Roller's doggerel here proves:

Obama, Obama mama
(To the tune of Bahama, Bahama mama by Boney M.)

Obama, Obama mama
Got the biggest schtick in town Obama mama
Obama, Obama mama
But the Muslims bring him down Obama mama

I'm pissed at smears
Don't call me "Muslim" dear
And I'm looking high and low
As the bible-belt plays ever hard to get
I'm a winsome Christian on the go

Obama, Obama mama
You should all be looking for Obama mama
Obama, Obama mama
And I'm sure you will adore Obama mama