Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Austin Suicide Attacker Hailed as Hero by Tea Party Activists

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Andrew Joseph Stack, the terrorist who flew his plane into an IRS office in Austin, is being hailed as a hero and a patriot by members of the Tea Party movement in parts of Alaska. On a cold and blustery Sunday morning in Farlough, Alaska, several Tea Party activists came out on a rally in support of Stack's action with posters and banners bearing the "Taxed Enough Already" theme. Some members wore Bomber jackets and fighter pilot gear with signs that declared, "Destination IRS." The IRS office in Farlough is closed on Sundays.

"I think Joe Stack is a patriot," said Mary Dubet, who owns a local diner. "He is not a terrorist." Dubet, who is a strong supporter of former Alaska governer, Sarah Palin, thinks that Palin should embrace Stack's manifesto in her nationwide Tea Party speeches. In his manifesto, Stack had scathing words for the IRS, Wall Street bailouts, and the Catholic church.

"There is a fine line between heroism and terrorism,"said Randy Hobeck, who flew in from Tacoma, Washington, to show his support for the Alaska Tea Party movement. "The goverment may brand him a terrorist, but to us, he is a hero and a trailblazer. The death of Joe Stack is a giant leap for the Tea Party movement."