Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Father Names His Sons Moehamud to Dissuade Them from Flying

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A father who suffers from aviophobia, has rechristened his two sons, Moehamud, in an effort to discourage them from flying in commercial airlines. Bradley Lauer, a resident of Caseville, Wisconsin, had been diagnosed with chronic aviophobia, a fear of flying, about five years ago and has kept his anxiety disorder under control by not flying.

"I am sure that it runs in the family," said Lauer,"and I don't want my two sons to suffer from the hassle that I have had to go through." He argued that by rechristening his two children, Moehamad, he was hoping to discourage them from flying ever. "Nowadays, flying commercial airlines with a name like Moehamud is very difficult," said Lauer,"and I hope that it convinces my children to avoid flying altogether." He added that in America, there are plenty of alternative forms of transportation where the name "Moehamud" is not an impediment. "Commercial aircrafts are one of the greatest polluters of the environment, and I hope their name change encourages my kids to consider alternative forms of transportation that is cheaper and greener,"added Lauer.

The father hopes to make his son's transition to their new names as smooth as possible. "I just pre-pended their names with Moehamud,"said Lauer."They can retain the rest of their original names, so that their friends can still call them Chris, Nick or even, Moe Sr. and Moe Jr." As a result of this change, the sons are named Moehamud Chris Lauer and Moehamud Nick Lauer. "I dig the name, Moe,"said Lauer, admitting that the he identified with the eponymous bartender from the hit TV show, The Simpsons.

"I am buying Amtrak tickets for the family this summer,"noted Lauer."My sons and I will be travelling cross-country, hassle-free, using just trains and perhaps, automobiles."

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